We collaborate with our surgeon inventors, as well as our customers, to identify and solve problems they face in their clinical practice. With this in mind, Pantheon continually focuses in new and improved devices specifically designed and developed for the foot & ankle market. 

At the heart of our organization is an unwavering commitment to rapidly identify and implement innovative ideas for the foot & ankle community. Many of Pantheon’s innovations are a direct result of partnering with the top foot and ankle practicing clinicians. If you have an idea for a new product that would complement our current offering or an idea for an enhancement to an existing product, we invite you to contact us with your product idea.

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It is our mission to passionately pursue the highest quality orthopedic implants available. We do this by  utilizing our culture of exceptional service and state of the art technology, and to educate our surgeons so they can be involved in the innovation and manufacturing of the best solutions for their patients.

Helping surgeons treat their patients better.

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We offer a line of orthopedic products that help our surgeons deliver better care to their patients. Please see our line of products by clicking the button below.


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