Features a single – piece, bifocal, barbed leg configuration, designed for small bone intramedullary fixation.

Key Features

  • Unique, Breakthrough Design
  • No Freezing, Primed and Ready for Immediate Use
  • Two Zones of Fixation and Controlled Compression
  • Lock and Load Retrieval, Insertion and Deployment

Hammertoe Screws


The Digital Compression Screw and Go-EZ 2.0mm and 2.5mm screws are cost effective options for hammertoe correction.

  • Ability to fuse the DIPJ, PIPJ or both
  • Easy, in-office removal
  • Cost Effective
  • No exposed k-wires
  • Headless options

Compressive, Buried Fixation

It is a well-documented fact that compression speeds fusion and greatly increases the likelihood of a successful arthrodesis. The lag designs of the Digital Compression Screw and Go-EZ Cannulated Screw produces compression across the joint to be fused, while the technique buries the screw under the patient’s skin, eliminating risks related to pin tract infections or other complications.

Easily Removed

Once fusion has been achieved, the technique allows for screw removal with only minor soft tissue disturbance and no bone disturbance, as opposed to intramedullary devices that may require significant disturbance to bone should removal be necessary.  Additionally, removal is easily achieved in office.

Cost Effective

As the use of intramedullary fusion devices has increased, so has the cost of hammertoe correction. The DCS and Go-EZ screws are very competitively priced, costing considerably less than intramedullary fusion devices.  This allows for the benefits of compression and buried fixation, without the restrictive price premium.