First MPJ Hemi Implant

The proven joint fusion alternative*

The BioPro First MPJ Hemi Implant is the globally trusted solution for the treatment of hallux rigidus/limitus. Now in clinical use for over 65 years, the First MPJ Hemi Implant continues to demonstrate improved motion, long-term survivorship, and pain relief.


  • Five standard sizes, available in porous and non-porous coated
  • Minimal bone resection technique preserves the FHB
  • Low profile, diamond shaped stem provides intramedullary fixation
  • Also available for the lesser digits
  • Manufactured from cobalt chrome(available in titanium for patients with a metal sensitivity)

Why resurface the phalanx

Studies show during normal weight bearing the hallux metatarsal head is subject to forces up to 119% of patient body weight[1], compared to relatively minimal forces on the proximal phalanx. Clinical studies have shown in more than 50% of patients with metatarsal head implants, subsidence is seen.[2] Furthermore, no long-term clinical data has been presented involving metatarsal head implants equivalent to the long-term data available on the BioPro implant. [3]

Minimum bone resection technique

The BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant is only 2mm thick, requiring minimal bone resection at the base of the proximal phalanx for proper implantation. This feature is very important for two main reasons. First, this preserves the FHB (flexor hallucis brevis), which typically attaches 6-8mm from the base. Sacrificing the FHB can result in a lack of toe purchase post-operatively. Second, the minimal resection technique maintains bone stock within the joint. This is an extremely important point should revision surgery ever be required. Typical revision for an implant is a joint fusion. The minimal resection technique employed with the BioPro® First MPJ Hemi Implant leaves sufficient bone stock to accommodate a fusion, should the need arise in the future.



  • Based on the clinical success of the standard First MPJ Hemi Implant
  • Reduces the potential of boney overgrowth
  • Improves implant stability
  • Visualization portals ensure proper implant-to-bone seating
  • Facilitates consistent placement and orientation

Reducing the potential of boney overgrowth

The overlapping Edge is the main design feature differentiating the HemiEDGE™ from traditional phalangeal implants. This Edge extends over the dorsal, medial and lateral cortices beyond the resected base of the phalanx. The plantar surface does not include the Edge, preserving the flexor attachment and avoiding any implant prominence on the weight bearing surface. The Edge surrounds the phalanx to help support and stabilize the implant. This improves implant stability, assists in proper placement during implantation, and reduces the potential of bone overgrowth.

Stable Implant Support

The overlapping Edge design surrounds the phalanx to help support and stabilize the implant. This improves implant stability by supporting the implant on the cortical surfaces of the phalanx for solid, stable implant support.

Ensuring proper sizing

The HemiEDGE™ incorporates two visualization portals along the dorsal Edge of the implant. These portals allow for visual confirmation the implant is fully seated against the resected surface of the phalanx. Along with the Edge design, a properly seated implant contributes to ensuring a stable implant post-operatively.

Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant


  • Available in 9 standard sizes to accommodate the anatomy of digits 2-5
  • Minimal bone resection technique
  • Low profile, diamond-shaped stem provides intramedullary fixation
  • For treatment of arthritis, Freiberg’s disease, and metatarsal head fractures
  • Available cannulated for temporary K-wire fixation

Minimal bone resection

The BioPro® Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant is only 2mm thick, requiring minimal bone resection at the base of the proximal phalanx for proper implantation. It is recommended that only the thickness of the implant is resected.

Simple instrumentation

Our simple instrumentation gives you everything you need without over complicating things.

Cannulated versions available

The Cannulated version of the Lesser MPJ Hemi Implant is designed to be utilized in conjunction with an interphalangeal joint fusion where the surgeon wishes to temporarily stabilize the entire digit. The cannulation in the implant allows a k-wire to pass through the implant and into the metatarsal head for stability while fusing an IP joint.