Horizon Subtalar


  • Smooth lateral surface minimizes further arthrosis and sinus tarsitis
  • Tapered lateral edge ensures stability
  • available titanium/polyethylene hybrid design
  • Simple insertion and forgiving learning curve prevents over- correction

Smooth lateral edge

The design ensures that during the dynamic phase of gate, the lateral process of the talus and calcaneus interface with a smooth, flat surface, not a sharp thread. This decreases further arthrosis caused by erosion of bone thus reducing the incidence of post-op sinus tarsitis.

Simple insertion

The HorizonĀ® Subtalar’s instrumentation allows the surgeon to transition from the sizing probes to the final implant without the need to insert trial implants. In addition to saving procedure time, eliminating the need to insert implant trials prevents any additional joint damage caused by a trial implant threading in and out of the joint.

Clinical Data

A study was conducted that included 26 feet in 16 patients who underwent subtalar arthroereisis for symptomatic flexible flatfoot. The results show that the procedure provided radiological and functional recovery in our series of patients.