Tendon Anchor Plate


  • Single-hole and two-hole designs available to accommodate tendon size as well as patient anatomy
  • Offset teeth engage maximum tendon fiber bundles to resist pull through
  • Blunt teeth penetrate the tendon, but not the bone, preventing over compression of the tendon
  • Anchor compresses into the tendon, eliminating or minimizing implant prominence.
  • Offers far greater surface area contact of tendon to bone for quicker patient ambulation
  • Single use sterile packs include anchor, multiple lengths of self drilling screws and all instruments needed for implantation

 Ultra thin profile avoids implant prominence

The Tendon Anchor System is only 1mm thick, with 2mm long teeth, designed to penetrate the tendon being fixated. The fixation technique compresses the tendon and recesses the anchor at or below the level of the tendon.

Earlier ambulation versus traditional suture anchors

The more surface area of the tendon engaged, the better the chance of a successful reattachment and maintaining the integrity of the tendon. This combined with the high pull-out strength of the Tendon Anchor System allows patients to ambulate in a walking boot 10-12 days post-op†, versus 6+ weeks with most suture anchor techniques.

Speed of application reduces OR time

Traditional suture anchor techniques require sutures to be woven through the tendon in a complex manner to avoid pull-through. This is a time consuming process, compared to the quick application time to implant a Tendon Anchor System. This in turn reduces operating room time and associated complications.